I sensed danger. I was ready for action. However, I did not tell the people of the city about the problem as I didn’t want them to panic. I was going to save the day.

I got on the Batwing and took to the skies. Suddenly I encountered a monster, joined in the middle like Siamese twins. I was startled and called Robin to come in my Batmobile. Activating the booster rockets, Robin arrived, at top speed and crashed into the monster. Meanwhile, I flashed the laser into the monster’s eyes, thus blinding it. After a long and exhausting fight ending with the destruction of the Siamese monster, I thanked Robin for his help. I parked the Batmobile in the garage and went to bed. When I woke up, greeted by a new day’s warmth, I called for Robin. Instead of Robin, my mother arrived and said, “Come on Arjun, wake up. You are going to be late for school.” And I was back in the real world after a wonderful adventure.

Arjun Manivannan, IV, Christ Nagar International School, Thiruvananthapuram