It was fun visiting these countries in a unique way.

Get ready for a journey around the world… in 80 minutes.

The students of Stds. I to V, Gitanjali Devshala were ready with their project presentation. Each class had chosen a country and had depicted every aspect about that country in their classroom.

The day began with the Chief Guest, Mrs.Asha Kumar – director – SKAL International, an avid traveller – addressing the children and inaugurating the exhibition.

The history, culture and lifestyle of Russia, Italy, Mexico, China, Egypt and Sri Lanka were highlighted.

The students of Std. I were dressed in Egyptian costumes. Models of the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Abu Simbel, the monuments of Luxor, Karnak and the tombs in the Valley of the Kings were displayed. The little belly dancers swayed their hips to Egyptian tunes!

In Std. II, we were transported to China, the largest country in East Asia and the most populated country in the world.

Kids were dressed as traditional Chinese brides and bridegrooms. The symbolic cloth dragon and the Chinese tea were unique.

In Std. III it was Mexico – the land with a variety of features consisting of mountains, deserts, rainforests and beaches! The children narrated the victory of Mexico in the war of Puabla. We got to taste yummy Mexican rice.

In Std.IV, we were welcomed with wall hangings made of pasta of all shapes and sizes. Italy with its yummy pasta, pizza, cheese and the largest wine producer in the world was depicted here. The grape vine crept all over the walls of the classroom.

The students of Std. V, welcomed us with roses and a cheerful “Zdrasvuite”, meaning “hello” in Russian. A child, dressed as Vladimir Lenin guided us, narrating his experiences in medieval Russia.

Girls performed the Russian ballet with grace. The Matrioshka doll – a nesting doll – was on display. A Russian folktale was enacted too.

Next, we stepped into the lovely island country of Sri Lanka. This was presented by the children of the special class. We were greeted with “Ayubowan”, meaning “I wish you a long life filled with health, wealth and prosperity.”

There was a display of cloves, cinnamon, tea, coconuts, rubber and cinnamon that make Sri Lanka famous for.