Young enthusiasts came armed with crayons and paints to participate in The Hindu Young World painting competition.

It was a riot of colours at the Maharishi Vidya Mandir S.S.S recently; young artists were immersed in their drawing sheets, paint tubes, crayons, colour pencils and palettes. Despite the persistent rain, 450 students in the junior section (Stds. IV to VII) and 350 students in the senior section (Stds. VII to X) turned up for the final round of The Hindu Young World on-the-spot painting competition.

Their innocent smiles gave way to serious thoughts as the topics for the competition were announced. Most of them painstakingly sketched the outlines with pencil before going for the colour palette, while some preferred to start directly with paint strokes. “My favourite animal/bird”, “Playing with friends”, “Watching TV with family” and “Fancy dress competition” were the topics for the junior section. Imaginary birds with multicoloured wings and attractive beaks also came alive in their works. A young girl skilfully recreated the scene at her home, with the father and mother seated on the sofa while the kids spread themselves comfortably on the floor, as they all enjoyed a cartoon show on TV.

“Visit to the museum”, “Village scene”, “Working on school project with friends” and “Travelling in train” were the topics given for the senior section. Scene of a crowded train with compartments marked for ladies and gents, antique pieces in the museum with ‘Don't touch' notes, overflowing dams, and factories polluting villages, reflected their views and concerns about things happening around them. The scenes of green fields and blue sky outside the train window and group of friends working on their project in classroom were commendable works. The young artists succeeded in depicting the beauty of lush green villages while carefully portraying the daily activities of rural life.

Artist K. Balasubrahmanian and Film director and former cartoonist of Ananda Vikatan, Chimbu Devan, had a tough time in judging the artworks. “The kids have done a tremendous job, elimination was very difficult,” he said.

Chimbu said, “The topics given were very simple, but they have linked it imaginatively to larger issues.” We could see that these the kids here are very confident about their work. They have wonderfully played with colours.”

S. Ashvath of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Taylor's Road (first); A. Yokaran of Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Anna Nagar (second); and B.S. Daisy Selva Rani (third) of Devi Academy S.S. School, won prizes in the junior section. S. Satish (first) and C. Manoj Kumar (second) of Dr. Vimala Convent M.H.S.S., and S. Sanjay (third) of Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Gurukulam, M.H.S.S. were the winners in the senior category. Consolation prizes were distributed. About 10,000 entries were received in the preliminary round.

Keshav, cartoonist, The Hindu, welcomed the guests. Dr. Nirmala Lakshman, Joint Editor, The Hindu, said Young World is proud to reflect the artworks of children through its pages. Mallika Mohandas of the MIOT hospitals also addressed the audience. The sponsors of the event were Marry Brown (Food and Beverages), Repute (Water) and Maharishi Vidya Mandir S.S. School (venue). Lotte and Flora were the regional sponsors.