Virtual collections seem to be the order of the day.

Back in the day it wouldn't be an uncommon sight to find a young child, clinking away with his collection of rare coins, or thumbing through an album of stamps laboriously collected. But what are the kids collecting today?

Gen Net says

Introducing Generation Z, or as its popularly known Generation Net. A generation defined by High Definition (HD), console gaming, text messaging and social networking sites.

Born into technology and wireless communication, it isn't unsual to find that the collectibles of the latest generation has gone digital.

The latest Mp3 players, stylish 3G cell phones, powerful new gaming consoles and even online “friends” are the young collectors' rage these days.

Gaming go

Says Simran, a student of Kalpa, “I'm crazy about gaming. I own a PS3, an xbox, a Wii, and a PSP. I'm really looking forward to buying a DSi next.”

Says Vrinda Rao, a 10-year-old, “My father gifted me a kindle (an ebook reader) this year. I've just started my ebook collection. I love reading old classics with my mom. I hope to keep collecting and have a massive library soon.”

Raj Verma of Meridian adds, “I collect discographies of all my favourite artists.”

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