Water is one of the most common resources covering almost 75 per cent of earth. Yet, the amount of usable water is very little. Ninety per cent of this water is salty and nine per cent is locked away in ice caps, thus leaving behind only less than one per cent fit for use by living things. It is hard to believe that despite these facts; we are taking water for granted. Everyone needs water for their daily needs, but a majority of people waste almost the same amount of water they use.

Why do we keep the tap open while brushing our teeth? Why do we use potable water for construction work, gardening and so many other things without even thinking? At this rate, the water resources of earth would soon be exhausted and the future generations or our generation itself may struggle to get potable water or even die due to shortage of water.

Here are some ways to preserve water: Rain water harvesting is one of the best ways to keep earth's water level intact. Collect rainwater and use it for household purposes. For washing dishes, instead of using tap water, use well water.

It is now or never. Start now or be prepared for the worst.