Computer is one of the most unavoidable constituents of our life in the 21st century. It is the only medium through which things can be seen, heard as well as read. It helps by offering online banking facilities. It helps travellers book and reserve train/aeroplane tickets. It is also very useful in education. The contribution of the computers in education is immense. It is useful as a:

Research tool: Through the Internet students can gather data for their class projects, take online excursions to museums and other institutions as a part of studies. They can also read research papers by famous scientists online.

Communication: E-mail helps students communicate with their teachers outside the classroom. They can use the Internet to interact with fellow students or consult an expert.

Teachers' tool: Teachers can use computers for administrative purposes, production of documents and creation of lessons. This includes screening animated 3D visuals or pictures in relation to the lesson to aid better understanding.

Teaching tool: Students can use computers to practise grammar and simple arithmetic. This also includes solving equations, learning vocabulary in a foreign language, learning historical dates etc.

Tool for development of the intellect and thinking skills: Computers can be used to play interactive games and word stimulations i.e. interdisciplinary comprehensive exploration that cannot be provided by any medium other than computer.

So we can conclude that computers are very useful in the field of education.

Dhanavijay J. VIII B

Keywords: Computereducation