Take a trip with Cassie and make your wishes come true.

Look up at the stars and see how magical they look. That's why they are lucky stars. Stella Starkeeper had just one job on hand. Using the glittering light of the stars she would fly down to earth and look out for kids who are kind and helpful. They are then trained to become Lucky Stars and they can make wishes come true.

A series of six books and each of it is enchanting. On Cassie's seventh birthday her mother takes her to the fair. At the lucky dip Cassie comes up with a bracelet, and it comes with a secret. When revealed, Cassie learns that if she makes seven wishes come true she will be become a Lucky Star. All she has to do is look for someone who has a wish and make it come true. With every wish that has been fulfilled she gets a charm.

Magical journey

In the first story Cassie discovers that she can fly. She helps Bert with the candyfloss, helps Rossie get over fear of dogs but helping Alex get a new friend is what earns her the moon charm.

The Perfect Pony Wish has Cassie with a new power — she can talk to animals. So when Cassie meets Sita’s pony, Sunbeam she realises he is scared to jump. She helps him overcome his fear and Sita wins the competition. Cassie gets a butterfly charm.

The Pop Singer Wish sees Cassie and Alex doubling up as pop artist Jacey Day's back-up singers when her singers fall ill. Fulfilling Jacey's wish earns her the flower charm.

In the Birthday Wish, Cassie helps Marcus with a magic show. Using her new flower charm she helps Marcus fulfil his dream and Cassie earns the cupcake charm.

Being a film star maybe the most coveted job for those on the other side but for Roxie if she could be invisible for a day it would be a dream come true. This time Cassie earns a heart-shaped charm.

Star Watch Towers has a new guest — Izzy, the ballerina, who is there to perform in the musical Cinderella. But Izzy has a problem. She keeps forgetting the sequence and wishes she could remember it. With Cassie’s help she manages her role to perfection.

Stella the Starkeeper wants to give Cassie the last charm and having won the final charm, Cassie becomes a Lucky Star and gets a reward for three wishes too.

These books by Phobe Bright are just right with her magical books. They keep you hooked till the very end. Each book has a few puzzles, some do-it-yourself art work and a small description of the next book in the series. Each journey is full of drama, mystery and hope, leaving you with the knowledge that wishes do come true.