Here is an unusual book club.

"I have been greatly inspired by the book 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'. It has had and immense impact on me. I find reading books more interesting than useless surfing on the net or senseless chatter with friends," voices Abhishek Joshi, a Std. VIII student of Matrusri E & L School, Nallakunta.

Other popular books with students at this school are "7 Steps to Success", "Time and its Value", "Nobody's Perfect" and many more such books.

Ditto for autobiographies of eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda and "The Greatness Guide", "Chicken Soup for the Soul", "Who Will Cry When You Die", "Who Moved My Cheese", multilingual books, English grammar books and IT foundation books.

All these have also been donated by the staff and students to the unique book club here that has the students addicted to the reading habit.

The book club of Matrusri E & L School, Nallakunta, is the brain child of Mr. Arvind Kapatkar, the chairman of the school. The main motive of the school faculty and authorities behind forming this club was to promote sharing and co-operation among students and they have definitely succeeded in doing so.

Students from Std. VI to X are eligible to become a member of the club.

They just have to fill a simple registration form and there is no membership fee. The students also need to donate a book to the club. Any book once donated becomes a property of the club and is available for all the members to borrow and read.

When the book club was launched, all the students were pretty apprehensive about donating books from their personal collection, but curiosity and loads of encouragement from the school chairman and teachers, made them donate books.

Slowly, they started realising that though they might be donating just a few books, but in return they would get to borrow and read numerous books. Currently, the club owns more than 250 books, mostly of which have been donated by the members of the club. The chairman has donated almost 15 books. An anonymous donor, moved by the initiative taken by the school authorities, donated various books from his personal collection.

For reading skill

Vaidehi Naik, a Std. IX student, says, "The habit of reading should be inculcated in every student and should be a part of one's daily life and routine. It helps us improve our communication skills and fluency in English. The seminars and presentations based on the books that are conducted help us shed our inhibitions."

Adds Harish, also of Std. IX, "Best Days of My Life" is a book that has influenced me and helped me build my confidence. The book includes childhood stories of famous and prominent people of the world. It is an excellent book that reveals that even the most successful people had initial failures in life but they did not lose their confidence and pursued their dreams passionately. It teaches us to never lose our self-confidence and believe in ourselves."

Even the primary school students are getting motivated by their seniors. "The book club has been a boon for us to widen our horizon. It is a good initiative by the school for which we thank the chairman and teachers," says T.Anagha, the leader of the club.


Get them to readNovember 10, 2009