This is not a simple rule in school or something put forward by your mother. It is the rule of the mind that needs a change – a change of heart is what we need.

There are many problems faced by us every day like power cuts, water scarcity, and insecurity to name a few. But, we would rather wait for someone to come up with a solution than try and solve it ourselves. This thinking needs to be changed. Instead of waiting for someone to solve the problem, we can do it. We are the revolution the world is waiting for. We must awake, arise and take the initiative to solve the problem. Once we do this, our nation will be transformed.

But wait, our nation is too big a goal to start with. Let us begin with our locality. This work, when done sincerely, is sure to have a snowball effect.

B. Chenthura Parameshwari, XI, Vikaasa School, Madurai

Keywords: Kids' writing