There lived a man with his wife and his son in a small hut near a forest. He had a farm with a few goats and some cows.

He earned his living by selling milk in nearby villages and shops. They all lived happily.

After some days, some people came to his hut. They told him that they were woodcutters who earned their living by felling trees and selling wood.

They told him that they earned well and asked him if he would be interested in joining them.

They promised to give him a share of their profits if he would join them in cutting trees. The man became greedy to earn more money. He accepted their offer.

So they began cutting trees in the nearby forest. Time passed and slowly the whole jungle was destroyed.

The woodcutters gave the man his share of money and went away. The jungle had been home to a lot of birds and animals. When the forest was destroyed, the animals lost their home.

The animals started to enter the village and houses of the people. The animals started killing the cattle.

One day the man lost his son too. Then he realised his mistake. Now he told everyone that no one should cut trees and that trees should be grown. He planted saplings in the forest with his wife.

S. Sashaank, V, Kendriya Vidyalaya