Students got a chance to watch international short films made by children from across the world. It was a veritable feast at the International Children's Short Film Festival.

If you were allowed to see 25 short films on a day…would you be excited? The fourth edition of the International Children's Short Film Festival held recently at the Don Bosco auditorium saw 1675 children from 38 schools participate. This one day festival offered them a chance to feast their eyes on the 25 international children's short films screened. With entries from the U.S., Romania, Canada, Cape Town, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Luxemburg and India, the films featured the life of children, their world of dreams and aspirations, their problems, and strength of character.

Movies like “Cravings”, “Smart Machine”, “Wishful Thinking” explore the necessity for food and the importance of nutrition. Going green and the need for trees and plants are well depicted in movies such as “Save trees”, “Vive La crise” and “Blessings”. While “Vive La crise” focuses on what has damaged the environment and provides a solution: use a bicycle to commute as its not only pollution free but also helps in losing weight. “Blessings”, talks about the positive points of a tree and “Save Trees” leaves the audience with the message: Save them ito save ourselves.

Movies like “Ali and the ball”, portray a child's love for parents and how they can go to any extent to ensure their happiness.

“Daisy Cutter” is the story of a 10-year-old girl, who wants to remember everything to keep the memory of her friend alive.

Another movie that is sure to touch many hearts is the story of “Punky”. Punky's favourite time pass is playing with toys, older brother and her dog. She provides a simple solution to all problems. “KIKI” is the story of four children who find out that they are being sold for money by their parents and their mission to save themselves. “Pragati” trails the life of a girl who longs to go to school to study but her parents are not for this idea.

Vitthal dealt with the emotions of a boy who is very angry with his parents for tonsuring after the death of his grandfather.

“Mr. Knitty and the Cardboard house”, “The Naughty List”, “Moments” are takes on lighter moments of life and how to see life from upfront. Packed with humour and wit it is sure to bring a smile on your face.

The movie marathon offered children a platform to come together to unwind, make informed choices, discuss and meet kids from other schools.


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012