Summer can be lucrative, if you have the time and energy to do something innovative.

Summer holidays mean a lot of free time but it does not have to mean boredom. How about using the time productively to earn some cash while you have fun?

Here are some ideas:

Start your own lending library:

(Requirement: Books, a love of books and others who do as well)

Do you have loads of books that are falling off your book shelf? Do your friends have a large collection of books? You have most probably read them all more than once. Then why not spread the joy! Lend your books at a nominal reading charge. Check with your parents regarding the costing and logistics. Before you start, create a catalogue of books that you are willing to lend. You can print out some pamphlets with information regarding the genre of books, cost and other lending details and circulate it in your neighbourhood or post the information online. Once you get a hang of it, maybe you can request your parents to loan you their collection as well.

Lemonade and sandwich:

(Requirement: A yummy lemonade recipe and loads of thirsty customers)

With the sun showing no mercy this month, all people want is something to quench their thirst and refresh them. Refer the recipes page in this issue of Young World to learn how to make lemonade. Get the ingredients, rope in your friends, and zero in on a place to set up your make-shift stall.

You could choose to sell your lemonade in the evening in your apartment, at the playground or at a party. Ask adults to help you with the required permissions. While you are at it, try including some home-made sandwiches in your menu as well.


(Requirement: Love of dogs and exercise)

Love dogs? In the mood for some exercise? Need some pocket money? If you said yes to these three questions, you are perfect for the job of a dog-walker. Look around the neighbourhood or your apartment complex, and scout for homes with friendly dogs that are in need of a walk. Talk to owners, offer your services to walk their dogs in the mornings or evenings and quote your price. It’s that simple!

Be a tutor:

(Requirement: Smartness, skills and patience)

You are finally done with Std VIII and are a “big” boy/girl; bigger and smarter than your Std III-studying friend’s brother who needs some help with his math holiday assignment or that three-year-old neighbour who does not know the alphabets or numbers yet. This is where you step in — be a tutor, teach them, be it science, English, art and craft or even dance. Charge a fee and you could also ask their parents for a letter certifying your work.

Party planner:

(Requirement: Multi-tasking)

Friend’s birthday party coming up? Aunt’s hosting a kitty party? Mum’s hosting a dinner? You can “help” out, for a fee, of course! Right from picking up things from the store, calling/ sending out invites, decorating the hall, cleaning up before and after the party, serving food and refreshments…you can find something to do!

If money’s not your motive, there are many volunteering opportunities out there at animal shelters, schools for the underprivileged, NGOs and more. Try your hand at these…