Paper craft from waste is inexpensive, beautiful and useful.

Seven-year-old Mithul, Std. II, Foster High School, refuses to let his mother throw away used juice cartons, old cardboard boxes and all kinds of other paper products. Instead, he likes to convert the juice cartons into buses, trucks and aeroplanes. He is currently working on a project for his school, this time using an old shoe box. Re-using paper and used paper-based products like cardboard to make useful everyday objects is not just creative but also an environment-friendly alternative. Aditya of Std. VII from Phoenix Greens International School came up with innovative models, all from old cardboard boxes and waste paper for an expo. “Most of the craftwork I did was made out of waste material. I used cardboard and old cardboard boxes to make pen stands and gift boxes,” he says.

Make a gift box:

“Take an old box. Wrap it up with old newspapers or used gift-wrapper and then decorate it with old buttons, shells, beads or pressed leaves.”

Origamist Govind Kulkarni says, “You can transform used paper into a beautiful, three-dimensional form, just by folding it.”

Another craft is mask-making, using a paper plate. Mark and carefully cut out the areas for eyes and mouth. Paint your favourite cartoon character. Attach strings to wear it.