There are many reasons as to why you couldn’t do a particular thing. Everyone must ignore those silly reasons and do what they want. But if you were to do whatever you want, it would lead to chaos. The right decision becomes the gateway to happiness. But remember never to applaud yourself too much as a decision can have negative consequences as well.

A wrong decision can change the course of your life. It is like a venomous snake. There have been times when a wrong decision could make someone go bananas. It would show your weakness and others might use it against you. If you show your cards and others play theirs at the right time, you will be at a disadvantage. You are the one person who knows about your qualities. Keep that in mind. Do not fear defeat. If you let fear get to you, it would push you deep into depression.

If you have made a wrong decision ever, never carry its burden. Leave behind the past and get back to the drawing board.