Did you know that Brer Rabbit was in town? Five stories from the original were adapted for stage and the Masquerade Youth Theatre enacted them.

A rabbit with long ears and a painted face greeted us as he raked up the fallen leaves in his garden. Cut to Scene Two you can see him saving his farmer's daughter from drowning!

And Scene Three you can see him tricking his friends and saving all the goodies he got as a reward from the farmer.

And before you think I am telling you the whole story let me remind you that this is just the beginning of the Brer Rabbit Chronicles.

Masquerade Youth Theatre group chose five stories from the Brer Rabbit Chronicles, inspired and adapted from the original by Enid Blyton.

As a single series of adventure and escapade it not only had the audience glued to their chairs but also in splits.

In the second story Brer Rabbit is planning to paint the fence and is contemplating how to finish painting the entire fence when his friends Brer Fox, Brer Bear, Brer Bird and Brer Wolf arrive.

He tricks the friends into believing that the task is completely fun and that they can each have a go by taking turns. Soon the others get so engrossed that they don't realise that they have been tricked and it's too late as the fence is all painted and done.

Brer Fox and Brer Wolf decide it's time to teach Brer Rabbit a lesson and plot against him. Brer Rabbit who is away shopping should be stopped mid-way and all his belongings should be stolen for the plan to work.

But Brer Rabbit is just plain lucky as the Sparrow warns him of the oncoming conspirators. Brer Rabbit disguises himself as a ghost and scares them away winning yet again. The other stories were “Mr. Lion looks for Mr. Man” and “Brer Rabbit's New Year Party”.

Each chapter unfolded talent of the young actors who managed to deliver dialogues, sound funny and remained spontaneous for any repartee. A certain amount of Indian nativity added in terms of words also aided the plot as it sent off giggles, cheer and brownie points. All the characters were well sketched out

They even managed to look straight out of the Brer Rabbit book with their painted faces and costumes. Though the play did seemed to drag a bit towards the end, it still managed to entertain the children.

During the last leg of your holidays make sure to indulge in this absolutely fun-filled series, for who can resist the charm of Brer Rabbit!