Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there lived many chimpanzees. One dark night, a group of hunters came to the forest to capture the chimpanzees. Fearing for their lives, the chimps ran and hid in the mountains. When it was daytime, the hunters left the forest without any luck. But they forgot about the 10-year-old boy, Richard, who had come along with them. The chimps took care of Richard and they became very close. Everything was fine until one day when the hunters came back. The chimps were caught off-guard as the hunters had attacked during the day. Richard and two other chimps were killed in the attack and the hunters left soon after. Having lost the boy and the other chimps, the head of the tribe decided to teach the hunters a lesson. The chimps sent one of their own to the town to find the hunters. After a few days, the chimp came across one of the hunters and recognised him. He went back to the forest to report this to the head, who laid out a plan to attack the hunters’ house. They went to the hunters’ house and wrecked everything in sight and scared all the people living near by. The hunters learned their lesson and gave up hunting. The brave chimps returned to their forest and lived happily without being bothered again by the hunters.