I was very bored and after hearing me complain, my mother asked me to go outside and play. I saw many kinds of trees and birds. I realised that nature is blessed with all this that makes her beautiful. I saw around me beautiful flowers and small insects. God put all of them on earth to make her more beautiful. It was as if I had entered into another world.

I felt the wind on my face. The chirping of the birds sounded musical. They were so interesting to watch and their many colours was fascinating. I saw some birds look at their reflection in the rear view mirror of the bike and car and peck at it. The flowers are the ‘make up’ of nature, the rivers and oceans her daughters and the trees her sons. Birds and animals are her pets. Humans are her enemies. They cut down her sons and destroy her daughters.

That was the last thought as my mother called me in. I looked outside once again. I promised not be her enemy.

Being outside was like reading a book that had no ending. It went on and on, forever

PRANAV RAJIV, VII F, Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Bethany Hills, Nalanchira, Thiruvananthapuram