Here is a graded series of eight creative writing workbooks that encourage you to have fun experimenting with several forms of writing. The books are for students from Std. I on. Tips, guidelines and writing prompts help to set budding writers off on their journey into the wonderful world of writing and help them attempt ‘fun' tasks like writing short stories, poems, codes, haiku, recipes, fables, dialogues, plays, tongue twisters, speeches, and much more. The workbooks may be usedwith your parent or teacheror independently as you grow more confident of your writing skills.

Starting with 10 simple tasks in Book 1 and going up to 23 tasks in Book 8, there is a lot to help you explore your reativity.

FUN WITH CREATIVE WRITING - Books 1-8, Cheryl Rao, Foundation Books (Cambridge University Press India Pvt. Ltd.), Rs 40 each for Books 1 and 2, Rs. 45 each for Books 3 and 4, Rs. 50 each for books 5 to 8.

Vayu and Deeya's uncle Jadoo has been kidnapped by an evil djinn. Now they need to locate the seven keys that will free him. But the djinn has hidden they keys in secret places all over India. Helping the children is a magic window frame, or jharokha, that can take them anywhere they want to go! With uncle Jadoo's clue in hand, and Jhoky the boy from the jharokha, by their side, Vayu and Deeya land up in the deserts of Rajasthan, where they not only need to find the key, but also a princess in distress.

REBELS IN RAJASTHAN, Shamim Padamsee, Puffin, Rs. 125

Vayu and Deeya need to find the second key to free their Uncle Jadoo from the evil djinn's clutches. This time, Uncle's clue points to paradise on earth! Jhoky the boy in the jharokha, flies to Kashmir, where among the beautiful forests, lakes and gardens some very bad men are up to no good! Join the two children, Johoky and their new friend Zoon, as they try to stop poachers from killing wildlife and find the next key in this very dangerous adventure.

POACHERS IN PARADISE by Shamim Padamsee, Puffin, Rs. 125