I was shocked at the sight of people cutting down the Banyan tree in our locality. We children used to call it ‘Big Grandpa'. It was indeed really big and provided shelter for hundreds of living things. On enquiring, we found that a new road was to be built through that route and our ‘Big Grandpa' was blocking their way. So the government gave them permission to cut it down. But did they think about the living things that depended on that tree for shelter and food? How will those poor creatures live now? Can the birds build their nests on the roads? Can the squirrels happily jump on them? Will they get any food from the road? No.

Then how can the government take such a decision? Aren't they showing injustice to the whole world by cutting down trees to construct long roads and concrete buildings? We should be fair to the trees which supply us with oxygen, help in maintaining the eco-balance and remember — ‘when you cut a tree, you are killing youself'.

Malavika is a Std VII C student of Presentation H.S.S., Chevayur, Kozhikode