I wish I could go forward

For I am injured here

May be I would wish to be back

But that’s far away and I don’t care.

Still, I don’t wish to be that girl,

Who ran with the wind,

Who played on her mother’s lap

But may be, that was better!

For everyone looked at you then

Cared, loved, wished to see you smile

Or even tease you

Now I am insignificant and undistinguished

And I know, I would be worthless

The more I grow old

Everything is same here

It rains and I play in the puddles

But no one comes to see me dance.

Thunders comes, but there’s no one

To make me feel safe.

No one has brought me a flower

When it blossoms

I cried, but the rain was loud

I yelled, but no one heard me

And I didn’t hear a lullaby.

I wish to be someone else.

So that they won’t hate me

One day, even I would stand away from me

And on that eve

With weepy eyes,

My soul will be here to hear her voice

The voice I loved since birth

She would come to me,

Console and pardon me for my deeds

For hurting her,

I would hug her, and say, “I am fine”

And bid goodbye, forever.

The writer is in class XI, Silver Hills HSS, Kozhikode

Keywords: young worldpoems