This vacation, I wasn’t going to visit to some hill station or a mesmerising tourist spot. I had something else in mind.

When all my friends and neighbours were busy registering their names for bridge courses, entrance tuitions and spoken English classes, I planned to do something different and volunteered at a mentally challenged children’s school. This idea dawned on me when I wondered what my cousins did during their vacations.

I was excited and thrilled about going there. But as it was the holidays, not many children were there. It did not matter. There were four children and they were so loving and happy to have me over. I realised how lucky we are, just to walk in public not having other people whisper about us.

But these children showed me what true happiness is. I helped them make toys, umbrellas and candles among other things. They were really enthusiastic. It certainly was the best way to spend my vacations.

Neena Mary Dominic, X A, Devamaha CMI Public School, Thrissur