This summer, I was relaxing in bed, reading a comic and getting bored, when my mother told me that we are going on a holiday to a farm.

I packed my stuff and we left the next day for Destiny Farm in Ooty. We reached a place where we had to park our car and take a ride in a truck. I was so excited — the truck ride was good. I saw lots of animals and people.

We did a lot of activities like wall climbing, monkey crawling and rope climbing. We also played in the park. It was so much fun.

After that we went horse riding. I sat on a seven-year-old horse. His name was ‘Gunga’.

We saw a ‘moo-house’ next to the ground. I got to learn how cows are milked. The next day we went fishing. I caught five fish. But I put them back in the pond because I don’t like the sight of dying animals.

We had a campfire in the night. I had to leave the next day. I was so happy when I came back home.

I would remember these stories and keep them in my mind. This was the best place I visited and I surely want to go there again.

Ahana Katyal, II Grade, Greenwood High School, Whitefield

Keywords: Children essays