We are a family of three — my parents and me. We have a maid called Nitu. One day, she brought her son Aryan to play with me. He suffers from blurred vision as a consequence of slipping and falling down a flight of stairs in school. He was rushed to the hospital and finally it was diagnosed that he had impaired vision.

I remember being upset after I had heard this. I asked my mom if he was allowed to come to our house during the weekends. She agreed and since then he has been coming to our house. We have great fun playing with my toys. My mom cooks delicious lunch for us and in the evening I read his lessons for him. I was amazed by his concentration and awestruck with his power of retention. I have been saving my pocket money to buy an audio recorder for Aryan to gift him for his birthday.

Finally his birthday arrived on August 10 and I was waiting eagerly to gift him the recorder. He was excited about the gift. He thanked me and gave me a huge hug. From the same week I started recording lessons so that he could replay them back at home for revision. Our friendship grew stronger day by day and I have decided to be his eyes till a day comes and he can get a donor and he gets his vision back.

NIRANJAN GIRIDHAR, IV F, Indian School Al Ghubra, Muscat

Keywords: visually impaired