This summer children have decided to have fun and not let the heat get to them!

Summer holidays are back and children are out to have fun. Gearing up for the hot weather, children have devised various ways to have fun. They say having fun is the most important thing.

Splashing fun

Prajwal, of Std X and a swimming enthusiast says, “I just love swimming anytime during the day. Summer is the time when I take up swimming with a vengeance. I go the pool every morning and evening with friends, who also love it.

The swimming session is highly enjoyable as I get to spend time with my friends and chill out. “We all love sipping tender coconut water and this refreshes us,” he adds.

For Roshni of the same class summer holiday is a trip to the nearest library amidst the green environment.

Imagination is fired with the various genres of work available for reading. “I bring books home too. I read them while I sip my favourite chilled lemon juice,” she says. My friends also plan a day out to the local water park. The pool and the slides is indeed the best way to enjoy oneself without being bothered by the intense heat.

“Watching IPL matches is my favourite pastime. And I love eating ice creams too,” says Joe, of Std VI. I feel we need to engage ourselves in activities and avoid the heat.

I drink a lot of cold drinks as it helps me keep cool during summer. I keep myself busy playing indoor games with friends and watching games on TV as well.

Antony, of Std V says that gardening, watering the plants and a stroll in the park are his ways to spend summer and be cool. “I also drink plenty of liquids to avoid a heat stroke. “Above all spending quality time at home with family is the greatest source of fun in summer,” he adds.