Do you want to make a difference? Then, Design for Change could be for you. This is a global movement that gives you an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Design for Change 2011 becomes bigger as it aims to reach 25 million children across 30 countries.

“I hate the roads in my locality”; “There's just too mach garbage around the school premises”; “We don't have a place to play”; “I hate plastic…but what can I do?” These are just some of the complaints we hear. But what happens? Nothing. This is where Design for Change steps in. A global movement designed to give you an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action is what makes this programme unique.

Bigger and better

Design for Change started in 2009. With a bigger goal in mind they marched on growing steadily and spreading worldwide to bring in change. The one ground rule is children must say “I can” instead of “Can I”?

Just four small steps to bring about change. Feel for the idea you have in mind; Imagine what you can do about it; Do it; Share it with your peers.

Designs have been developed and are not only being shared but have also inspired others to use them to bring about a change in their community. It could be any problem that bothers you but steps taken to see that it stops bothering not just you but the entire community as well is what is important. The ideas that are bold, create maximum impact, quickest impact, maximum potential for long lasting change, easiest to replicate, most environment friendly are some of the criteria on which teams would be rewarded.

With exciting prizes to be won from Nickelodeon, Career Launchers, Iken School, myspark there's just no reason to wait. If you have always believed that you want to do something for your society, then just say, “I can”!

For more information

The last date for registrations is September 10.

(Some of the chosen ideas will be selected for documentation and a

camera crew will be sent to see the actual operation)

October 2 will be celebrated as ‘Be the Change Day”.

Teams must share their ideas with their school and community.

Ideas must be mailed by October 15.

Winners will be declared on November 15

For details log on to


Design for Change curriculum included in Longman Pearson text reaching, 1, 80, 000 students

Amar Chitra Katha to publish a book on DFC stories to be launched on October 2


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012