A Hobby A Day

Pick a new activity every single day of your vacation. An activity that you enjoy or hobbies that you always wanted to learn or become good at. Make sure you spend at least two hours on that day executing the activity. For example, if you enjoy painting, spend a day polishing your artistic skills; if you like candle-making, spend the second day making candles and so on. By the end of your break, you'll be surprised to discover the number of different hobbies you would have indulged in and become good at.

Mirror-Mirror on the Wall: Not everyone is born with extraordinary public speaking skills. Ever wanted to be like that brilliant speaker in your class, who can speak fabulously and flawlessly in front of a large audience? Well, now is the time to take a step in this direction. Stand in front of the mirror and practise speaking short speeches and reciting poems. Later display your skills to your parents and surprise your friends at school with your new found talent! Everyone will be amazed at your newly acquired talent and confidence.

Creativity in a Scrapbook:Whenever you come across anything creative, keep it in your special scrapbook. If it is an article in the newspaper, cut it and paste it in the scrapbook; if it is a thought or an idea, pen it down; if it is a photograph, paste it in here too. This scrapbook will become guardian of your ideas and thoughts because once the idea is lost then it might be lost forever. Now whenever, you feel blocked, just open the scrapbook and go through it. You'll find that it is extremely helpful in getting your creative juices flowing!

Fun with Food: Ever wondered how your mother prepares that delicious meal? How about learning to do some simple kitchen tricks on your own? With your mother's help learn how to make fun and yummy snacks like sandwiches and salads. Imagine the surprise on your friends' faces when you tell them after your vacation, that you prepare your own lunch! And that's not it, how about flaunting your creativity to your mum and friends with new cuisines and dishes that they never tasted before. Just let the creativity flow and cook something great.

Time to Re-Do Your Room: There's nothing more creative than cleaning your room! It's time to get rid of that junk! And while you are at it, how about redecorating it with the junk that you wanted to throw away? Make simple, yet attractive things out of commonly available material at home. Attractive pen-stands and candle-stands can be made out of old glasses at home. And how about a bookshelf out of old newspapers or a small sitting chair for yourself out of old plastic bottles

Group Creativity: Gather your neighbourhood friends together and have an art party. Everyone should bring out different art mediums like markers, paints, clay and so on and then choose a theme such as Christmas or Santa Claus. When friends get together in a group, they inspire each other and learn team spirit. This way they can even accomplish and create something big and ambitious.

Snow Sculpting : Since you can't build the traditional snowman, so forget the ice, the shovels or cotton to sculpt an igloo or a snowman. Alternatively, try using white pastels on black paper to create unusual snow scenes. And notice how real it looks!

Brown Paper Christmas Stocking: Make a great Christmas stocking from a brown paper grocery bag. You will need to use two sock cut-outs of brown paper and sew them together with red thread. You can decorate it, hang it and stuff it with Christmas goodies.

Make your own Greeting Card: One of the first things that you notice in the Christmas season is greeting cards. The shelves are stacked with boxes of varied, assorted and readymade cards. Imagine for a moment how wonderful it would be to personalize your cards this year, and make your own Christmas card to send to those special friends and family on your list! Use simple techniques like thread painting, finger painting, spray painting and even paste cut-out shapes in an interesting way to make fabulous cards.

Inputs from GAURAV JUYAL, Host of Disney Channel's Popular Art Attack

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