You have learnt how plants use sunlight for photosynthesis. But, did you also know that you could nurture your plants with moonlight?

What you can do

Take four pots — two for radish and two for fenugreek.

Prepare the soil and sow radish seeds as the moon wanes. Similarly, plant radish seeds during the moon’s waxing period.

For easy identification label the pots — waxing radish, waning radish.

Water the pots regularly and keep pests away.

Radish grows in about 60 days after which you can dig it out. Measure the length and circumference and note the details.

You can do the same experiment with fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek seeds when soaked will sprout in two to three days.

You will need about a fortnight to get your crop. Make sure the soil is fertile. Prepare a pot for the waxing period and one for the waning period. Keep notes of insect activity in all four pots.

Once your fenugreek crop has grown, harvest and note your observations regarding the number and size of leaves.

Compare the data of the root vegetable and the leaf vegetable. Note the difference in the pest activity, if any.

Your experiment is over and you are now an expert lunar gardener!