The balloon was about to rise. I was sitting in the basket below the balloon along with my parents and brothers. All of us were a little scared. Our friends and relatives were standing and cheering for us from the ground. Clouds were moving in the sky like cotton balls. Oh! The balloon was rising. Birds and butterflies were flying around us. Now, we were moving among clouds. Soon our balloon landed at a new place. There were many different coloured flowers and fruits. Seeing the fruits I felt hungry. I plucked some fruits and ate them. They were very tasty. Suddenly a witch appeared before us brandishing a magical rod. She muttered something and suddenly we all changed into ugly frogs. We begged her to change us back. But she went away angrily. We started crying. Suddenly I opened my eyes and realised that I was on my bed. It was only a dream.

Anna Alex, IV A, Alfeen Public School, Kanjirappally