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Updated: September 23, 2013 15:59 IST
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At the crossroads

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Bugsie decides to make amends and for that he has to leave home. But where can he go?

Ever wondered what it would be like to go away by yourself? “A small bag of clothes, no money, no food, and no clue where you are headed either!” with so many negatives is it possible that the one running away will make it? Bugsie, is a 10-year-old bunny who feels he has to leave home so that he can rectify situations that have arisen because of him. He leaves his village Macadamia in the hope that he can bring back to it the respect and grandeur it once had.


The story begins with Bugsie leaving home. Initially he has to hide every time he sees a familiar face for they might stop and ask him what he is up to. He has to sleep in the unlikeliest places, eat with strangers, nearly gets caught in a village he is passing and almost gets kidnapped too. It is an eventful journey and Bugsie learns to fend for himself and tries to do some damage control bringing back to Macadamia the honour and glory it deserves.

Though it is an adventure story, the reader does not get to know that Bugise has left home till half way through the story. It is disturbing to read a page with so many different colours and fonts, highlights and capitals in the middle of sentences. This proves a hindrance to reading. The characters in the story do not help in taking the story forward and often create confusion in the reader. However, the illustrations lend colour and vivacity to the story as do the names of the bunnies.

When Bugsie Ran Away From Home by Shuchi Naum, Tiger Books, Rs. 250

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