Why not pay a visit to science labs or MNCs to learn more about the world of science?

Technology has ushered in new age careers in IT, science and technology and more. But do you know how these workplaces function. Choosing one of the allied-companies for a school excursion is a good idea.

Live learning

For instance, if you wish to see live what you read in your text books, pay a visit to the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. From major facilities like advanced microscopy and imaging, DNA sequencing to Bioinformatics, the labs are a visual view of what is learnt in theory.

Mr. JP Shastry of CCMB says, “Science is a wonderful field where children can quench their curiosity. Once you enter into this field, many unsolved questions get resolved and for someone with curiosity and a scientific bent of mind, they can go places.”

For those interested in chemical technology, the Institute of Chemical Technology takes you into the world of laboratories, research and development. Learn about product development, the making of adhesives or glue, medicines and more. You can see the lessons in your chemistry text book visually here.

We all use computers and the Internet. To meet the people who assist you by developing new computer languages, applications in the fields of software and hardware, why not visit an IT firm? Here the atmosphere is serious and competitive. The employees indulge in team building and bonding so that they can work together efficiently.  An MNC — multinational company — is a place where people from various nationalities meet and work together respecting each other’s culture. It has people with different specialisations — MBA graduates, IT professionals, Human Resources personnel and more. Few companies even have in-house sports arenas, gyms and cafeterias.

Tip: Make sure you get the required permission before you plan your visit to any of the labs or companies. Remember to take a note book for jotting points and you can come back and write your own blog or diary entry.