1. On this date in 1999, Prince Abdullah became the King of which country on the death of his father, King Hussein?

2. Who was the chief guest at this year's Republic Day parade in New Delhi?

3. Which is the largest living reptile?

4. Who partnered Leander Paes at the Australian Open where the Indian completed a career Grand Slam in doubles tennis?

5. Which popular dance is said to have originated in the area of the Rio de la Plata (between Argentina and Uruguay)?

6. With which of its neighbours has India signed a $1.5 billion agreement to build a power plant in that country?

7. What alpha-numeric code is given for the largest size of paper?

8. Which very popular interactive website has refined its technology so that it can censor messages on a country-by-country basis?

9. How many decades in a sesquicentennial?

10. Name the eminent illustrator and the artiste, both of whom passed away in 2011, conferred with the Padma Vibhushan this year.

11. Where is the royal residence-turned-museum Topkap Palace?

12. What breed of a dog is Uggie, who has been in the news for his role in the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Artist'?

13. Which two places are connected by the Golden Gate bridge?

14. Which country recently voted to join the European Union, but with great ambivalence, from 2013?

15. Which colour is identified with the popular cheese types Roquefort and Gorgonzola?

Answers: 1. Jordan; 2. Yingluck Shinawatra, the PM of Thailand; 3. Saltwater crocodile; 4. Radek Stepanek; 5.Tango; 6. Bangladesh; 7. A0; 8. Twitter; 9.15; 10. Mario Miranda and Bhupen Hazarika; 11. Istanbul, Turkey; 12. Jack Russell Terrier; 13. Marin County and San Francisco; 14. Croatia; 15. Blue.