Varshini loved her garden and spent a lot of time with her flowers…sometimes just talking to them.

Varshini loves plants, flowers and butterflies. She loves talking to them and believes that they respond to her. She is very lucky as her mother also loves plants and has a nice small garden in front of their apartment.

Varshini makes it a point to talk to the plants before she goes to school as well as after she comes from school. She loves pottering in the garden, and chasing butterflies. Her parents never push her; hence she does not have the hassle of going to different tuition classes. She loves music and goes to music class twice a week, the rest of the days are left free to play in the garden. Her friends envy her and they all lament how boring their lives are! They have to go from one class to another after school. They hardly have time to play and have fun like Varshini.

When Varshini asks her friends “Have you seen the beautiful setting sun? It is like a ripe orange. The flowers look radiant.” They sadly tell her that they have seen the setting sun only on T.V. shows, as they are in various classes or at various tuition centres at that time. They love to hear Varshini narrate her conversations with flowers and plants.

One day when Varshini was watering the plants, she heard a feeble voice calling her. She turned and saw the dwarf canna flower calling her. The canna said, “Why is my face so small and looking so pinched, whereas my friend the big canna has a beautiful face and it is glowing? People look at me and say I look cute and beautiful. But why am I so small? I do not understand.” Varshini also had no answer; however, she consoled the little canna and promised to find the answer. Varshini approached her mother, who is a garden expert and asked her about the small canna plant. She replied, “These are called miniature varieties. They are grown through tissue culture in laboratories. The plants grow from these and they are bought by horticulturists. There are many flowering plants grown as dwarf variety. The advantage is that these plants can be grown in a pot and kept in verandahs of apartments. So plant lovers who live in small apartments can also have them and enjoy their greenery!

Varshini went back to her canna friend and told it what her mother had said. So the little canna was happy to learn that it had other friends like the dwarf lily, powderpuff, chrysanthemum and even hibiscus.