Children love to play games. They play games that others have designed for them.

But at the two-day creativity and game design workshop the DJ Academy conducted, the young ones got an opportunity to design a game. Kanaka Ananth, who has a good number of board games to her credit, said the workshop helped the children test their creativity.


Children between seven and 15 years were divided into groups and asked to come up with a group name that would represent the individuality of the group. The idea behind the exercise was to help the students interact with one another. The students came up with names like “Twinkling Stars”, “Extraordinary Five or E5” and “Rocking Stars”.

Kanaka also explained the types of games, components of board games, and different board games — strategy game, knowledge-based game, race game.

Based on their understanding, the participants conceptualised themes for developing games.

The students then came up with game boards and components such as coins, cards and so on. A group of students came up with a game where soldiers attempt to protect the king from a dragon. The players move across the board to collect keys and then save the king.

Another game was about pirates hunting for treasure, which was a game on positive and negative social values. Kanaka says it was a fun-filled two days at the end of which students played the games developed by the different groups.

Keywords: art workshop