Here are tips to keep your Piscean friends healthy.

Ask a pet owner and you get to know all about the goodness an aquarium brings home. Haseeb Omer, a student says, “I feel good when I look at the fishes. I have been maintaining an aquarium at home for over three years.” He doesn’t mind spending his pocket money on taking care of his Piscean friends. Echoing his view is T.V. Murali Krishanan who owns an aquarium store and turned his hobby into business. “I have been into this business for 45 years. There have been people coming over for fishes as it, apart from adding colour to the homes, helps in soothing nerves.”

Right information

C.S Sanjay, who owns an aquarium, says information is important, “Information is required right from buying the aquarium to feeding and cleaning. Negligence will result in empty tanks as fishes are very delicate.” To begin with an aquarium is always better than fish pots, the bigger the better. The latest entrant in aquariums are imported tanks which come in only one mould unlike the local ones made with four joints.

The tanks have to be frequently cleaned and in the process one shall ensure to retain some old water as fishes might not adapt to the new atmosphere and may become prone to weakness.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the size of the tank. If it’s large then clean it once in six months and for medium tank once a month is advisable. It might be amazing to see many and colourful fishes swimming together but the tank, should not be over-crowded.

There may be instances where fishes may not get along with some varieties so it is best to keep the same breed together or divides can be used in same tank to keep them away from each other.

Species that can be kept together are Angelfish and fishes of Tetra species.

Green too

Fishes need oxygen and plants in aquarium provide it to some extent. The aeration motor does the rest of the work. Plants also add to the beauty of the aquarium. Snails, sea shells, artificial flowers and stone huts are the add ons.

Fishes have to be adequately fed. Avoid over or under feeding. So what do you feed them? “Mostly, it comprises spirulina, soya and other nutrients,” says Sanjay.

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