Akash was reading a comic book about aliens into the night. Suddenly there was a bright light in his backyard. When he went out to check what it was, he saw that an unidentified flying object or UFO had landed there. An alien stepped out and asked Akash if he would like a tour of his planet. Akash, though suspicious, agreed and climbed in. It was an interesting journey. They landed somewhere and the alien, Sonic, told Akash to put on his breathing gear. They got down and Akash asked Sonic if it really was his planet. Sonic sadly replied that it was. Akash observed that there were no trees or life in this place. Sonic explained that the people in his planet had destroyed all life forms and no one had survived except him. They travelled back to Earth and Akash felt sorry for his new friend.

Akash suddenly woke up and saw that it was morning. He couldn’t make out if what he saw was a dream. But he realised that Sonic had actually taken him to the earth’s future. Akash vowed to save his planet from destruction and started planting trees.

The writer is in class VIII A, Jeevana School, Ponmeni, Madurai