Cat chases three mice

There was a cat named Tinty. It was very hungry so it was walking on the road. He saw three mice so he started chasing the mice. Suddenly he caught one mouse and ate the mouse. The two other mice were sad because their friend was dead. Then another day the cat felt very bad for eating the mouse and went to his friends and said, “Sorry for eating your friend”. Then they became friends. After some time the cat asked for food to eat. One of the mice said “Let's take food from a shop.”

“Ok,” said Tinty. They reached the shop and they took some food from there. The shop keeper saw the cat and the mice so they ran out of the shop.

Huda Sultana, 7 years

The lost horse

Bron lived in a village with his master. One day, while he was eating grass on a hillside, he saw the grass below the hill looked very juicy. So he trotted down the hill. Then he foundb that the grass in the forest looked even better. So he went to the forest and started eating the grass. While he was eating his master called him. But there was no reply so his master left him alone. Soon it was dark and Bron was tired. He thought he was with his master, so he went to sleep. He awoke the next morning and saw himself lying in the forest near the river where his master washed his clothes. He surely wasn't lost! He got up and galloped home. His master woke up. Bron was standing in the stable waiting. His master was so happy to see him. Bron wanted to show his master how much he loved him so he took his master on a lovely ride around the hills. And lovely rain came down too.

Nusaibah Anas, 9 years

The friendly dolphin

Once upon a time a man went to swim in the sea.

He saw a dolphin. He touched the dolphin. The dolphin opened her mouth and laughed at him. The dolphin had a baby. The dolphin showed him the baby.

The man said, “What a cute baby.” A shark saw the man with the dolphins. The shark became angry. The shark said, “Nobody is playing with me I am alone.” So the shark went to kill the man. The dolphin cried and cried. After a few days the dolphin died. And the baby cried and cried for her mother. The baby was alone. The shark saw the baby was alone and he was hungry. So the shark ate the baby dolphin. And the shark cried and the shark also died.

SHAHEEDA, 7 years

The mystery of the dreaded cats and courageous camels

There were three camels — Jamal, Ibil and Naakat. They lived in the Sahara desert. One day, they went for a walk. They went into a mysterious cave with cat statues and a picture of a cat ripping a camel. Suddenly a light shone. And Jamal disappeared. Ibil and Naakat saw a shadow and followed it.

Meanwhile, Jamal was in this huge office-cave with lots of cats. The boss of the cats was a huge orange striped tomcat. His name was Half Claw because of his right paw. One of his claws was smaller than the rest. Half Claw let out a horned sand viper. It was just about to bite Jamal, but suddenly Ibil and Naakat arrived. Naakat caught the snake by its head and Ibil caught it by the tail. They could hear the hissing sound. But Half Claw tried again. He let out another horned sand viper. The sand viper hissed a huge hiss! It was like this “Hah!” Only three camels had come but they needed 30 camels to keep the horned sand viper away.

Jamal galloped to the corner of the office-cave. In the corner was a passage to run out of the cave if there was danger. But he had to run past two doors to get there. But when he was crossing the second, there appeared this huge jail. And more cats came. He tried to run. But one of the cats caught him by the hump.

But Ibil had a secret. A very huge secret. He had a computer with him. It would do anything he wanted including turning him into a different animal. He typed “King Cobra”. He slapped the Enter button. It said “Male or Female?” He pressed “Male”. It asked “Grown-up or Youngster or Baby or an Egg?” He pressed “Grown-up”. Then it asked “What is the size” He typed “7 feet”. It asked “What colour”. He typed “Red and black stripped” Immediately he turned into this King Sized cobra!

The cats were astonished, including Half-Claw. Half Claw had never seen a camel turn into a King Cobra. The cats ran out. Then Ibil gave the computer to Naakat. She turned herself into a King cobra exactly like Ibil, but a blue and black striped one. Then the computer was just going to shutdown when Jamal grabbed it. He turned himself into another King Cobra, exactly like Naakat except at the back of the hood was orange and the rest was yellow.

Immediately the cats ran away. And Jamal shut down the computer. As they turned themselves back into camels, they laughed. “Scaredy Cats, scaredy cats!” Ibil laughed. They went out of the cave and reached the police station and told them about these dreadful gangster cats. The police got to the cave in only three minutes. They searched the cave. “Stop searching. They ran away,” shouted the camels. Then the police ran about 352 sq feet. Finally they saw this hole. They went under and under and under. Finally after going 333 feet deep they found the cats. They pulled them out and put them in jail for three years.

Abdurrahman Jamal, 7 years

Saving the turtle

Once upon a time there was a man named Ahmad. He had a son, Alim. They went to clean the beach. They saw a baby turtle. When they were done cleaning the beach, they took the baby turtle home. Ahmad said, “We will leave the turtle back at night.” Ahmad and Alim left the baby turtle on the beach. They saw a mother turtle laying eggs. They again went to clean the beach. They saw the dogs and crows were eating the eggs. Ahmad threw a stick at the dogs and the dogs ran. Alim threw a stone at the crow and the crow flew away. They saved the baby turtles.

Mudassir, 9 years