An experience to remember

My first fast was on the seventh of Ramadhan. I did not keep a fast for the whole day. I had breakfast. And then I fasted all the way to Iftaar. In school, during story time I saw Shahida going for a drink of water. Then I too wanted water. I did not realise I was fasting. Then my teacher stopped me and reminded me. When I went home, I fell asleep. Later at Iftaar everyone said Takbir for me. What they didn't know was that I was hungry but patient. For Iftaar, we ate some dates. Then I ate a honey bread and drank a lot of Roohafza. By the end of Iftaar I drank two glasses of water. Then we had some kanji. Later my mom put some keema in my kanji . And we also had some strawberry ice-cream for dessert. Later on we had dinner — lasagna and chocolate cake for dessert.

Abdurrahman Jamal, 6 years

Last year

We fast during Ramadhan. Last year, was the first time I fasted. My mother woke me up. I ate roti with korma. I slept. And then I woke up for dawn prayer. I felt like drinking water but I didn't drink. I got an idea to make “Dhikr” because Allah would be so happy. And then I revised some chapters of the Quran. The school gave a holiday for Ramadhan. I was feeling sleepy. I slept till the afternoon prayer. I prayed my Dhuhr prayer. I felt like drinking or eating something. But I did not. I made dua for the poor.

It was time for Iftaar. My father bought a big cake because I kept a first full fast. My father bought a Milky bar too. My mother cut fruits — apple, banana, guava. My mother made French fries and vegetable pizza. We ate all the things.

Huda Sultana, 7 years

A lovely time

People fast during Ramadhan. Fasting means we should not eat or drink water. We read the Quran, do Dhikr, pray salah (prayers) and fast. This is my first fast. I was so thirsty and hungry. It was afternoon time. I prayed. And went to sleep. When my mother woke me up I was so tired that I could not open my eyes. I asked my mother if it was time to go home. My mother smiled and said “Come and eat food. It is time for Iftaar”. I had some dates and water. After eating that I went and prayed Maghrib. And then I ate cake, cookies, and grapes and drank orange juice. It was time for Isha. I prayed Isha and Tarawih. Tarawih is a special long prayer prayed in the night.

I love Ramadhan.

Shaheedha, 7 years.

Sighting the moon

He was all alone while sighting the moon. He remembered the days when he and his brother enjoyed sighting the Ramadhan moon together. His brother had loved him so much. But two years ago, his brother had been killed in the war. They were orphans and only had each other. But now he had no one to share the joy of sighting the moon with. He looked at the moon and he wished that his brother was there with him.

Alyina Ibsan, 13 years


I am fasting and I am so happy. When the fajr adhan was called, we stopped eating and drinking. We should not think, “We are fasting, so we should eat a lot”. When it is Iftaar time, something or the other spills. Like one time a jug of rose milk spilt and not a drop was left for us. After Iftaar I pray Maghrib. Then the Isha Adhan is called. We pray Isha and then pray Tarawih, which is a long night prayer.

Maryam M. Anas, 11 years

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