Did you write that all important letter this Christmas?

Over the years, children have been writing letters to Santa Claus as a part of the Christmas traditions. From toys to doll houses and more, the wish list has been changing.

This tradition can be traced back to 800 years to the Middle Ages. It is believed that Santa Claus resides in the North Pole along with the magical elves who help him to prepare gifts which he delivers only to well behaved children.

So letters to Santa are posted to the North Pole. Children believe their letters will reach Santa and their wishes will come true.

Generous souls

Father Maria Shekar of St.Mary's Church says, “It started from the time of Saint Nicholas. These days generous people come in the form of Santa Claus to help the poor and needy.” Saanvi Pratapwant, a Std. III student of Slate the school asked Santa for a Barbie doll house with lots of Barbies to play with. In Madhapur, a “Letters to Santa” contest was organised.

And ten lucky winners got their wishes. “I had asked Santa for a PSP this Christmas as I love to play lots of games” says Rishi Raj Singh, a Std. VIII student of Johnson Grammar School.


O, Christmas tree December 24, 2012

Baboushka, the gift-giverDecember 24, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to townDecember 24, 2012