I can never forget this dream I had recently. I lived in a small cottage. I was the thinnest person in the village. Everything in my house was small. One day I was watching television. And it was at that time I saw a new ad, The Junk World — Choco Chew the Chocolate. It was shown that if we get the small golden toy we can go there. But then the TV went blank, so I went to shake the TV. When I shook it, I went inside the TV. I went in a long and deep slippery pipe. When the pipe ended I went into the Junk World. I was a giant there. I was surprised and thought to myself how amazing this was. I saw houses made from Milkybar, the roofs and the windows were made of cold and hard Dairymilk pieces.

In fact I even saw a place from where could try bungee jumping. It was made of jelly. I noticed a river made of melted chocolate. There was an ice world made of ice cream. Guess what? People were made of ginger bread. I ate up Junk World and became fat. Everybody in the house was looking for me. I came out of the TV and my mother told I was the thinnest person in the village and now I am the fattest. Everybody burst out laughing.

Sumit Mishra, II C, Stewart School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha