In an effort to give school students a glimpse of how English and Geography is taught in British schools, S.E.V. Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Narayanapuram, Madurai, had made an arrangement — a school teacher Kirsty McLver from England taught the students over a period of one month.

Four weeks

The classes which were for four weeks saw Ms.Kirsty teach the students English and Geography in a very interesting way. The students learnt quite a good number of games and puzzles.

The classes for Stds. I to IV started on February 18 and went on till March 17.

Kirsty said she was fascinated and impressed by the vibrancy and determination of India's culture and its people and always wanted to interact with kids and teach them English for at least a month so that she could make a positive difference to a part of their school life. She also had the experience of teaching kids of an orphanage in China in 2007.

She used a few simple techniques with games to make them understand the complexities of English language in a lucid manner. Mr.S.Ayyappan, Principal, S.E.V. School, said that there were lot of English rhymes and poems which the children enjoyed in the classes.

Twice a year, the school management gives an opportunity to teachers who come from foreign nations to teach in their schools, and get the children exposed to a different teaching experience, which gives them a glimpse of the other culture as well.