The Magniflex Gold mattress comes with an exclusive guarantee and a personalized ebony and gold label bearing the customer's name

It is a precious mattress for sure. Lined with a 22-carat gold yarn fabric, this ultra luxury product stands apart for a sheer line up of other features too.

Magniflex has launched the Gold Mattress, which comes at a height of 24 cms/10 inches and also in 30 cm/12 inch, and this was unveiled by Bollywood star Soha Ali Khan recently.

Coming from Italy's largest foam mattress brand, the luxurious mattress was brought to Hyderabad in a tie-up with Polyflex India. Anand Nichani, Managing Director, Polyflex India described the Gold Mattress as Magniflex's ultra luxury product and the first of its kind in the country. “The mattress is unique to each customer as it is made to order and available on request only,” he says.

The mattress comes with an exclusive guarantee and a personalized ebony label that has the customer's name embroidered on it in gold.

The gold fabric possesses special qualities such as thermo regulating, anti-bacterial, odour proof, hard wearing, static free and anti-stress ensure that users are treated to the epitome of blissful relaxation, says the company.

The Magniflex products range from mattresses to accessories for sleeping and relaxing, covering different targets on both the national and international markets and comes in a price range varying from Rs.60,000 to Rs.2.50 lakhs. Says Enrico Cenni, Fareast sales director India, Magniflex, “We have waited 50 long years and have finally taken a bold step in foraying into the Indian luxury market with our range of luxury mattresses.

I believe and vouch that we are the world's finest foam mattress brand and merging with Polyflex in India has only strengthened our commitment to truly world class comfort.”