From watches and mini-bars to turbans and rifles, these bespoke trunks exude luxury and character

Remember those vintage metal trunks that could withstand the rigours of ship travel and Indian trains? You usually carried one to hostel with you. Now, the Trunks Company, headquartered in Jaipur, offers to personalise these trunks so they make a design statement in your home.

Travelling through time, from the era of luxuriant Maharajahs and their exuberant travels, is their faithful companion, the metal trunk. Designed and sold out of their flagship store in Jaipur, presents a range of personlised trunks, crafted to manage your itinerary.

Instigated in 2010, Trunks Company draws inspiration from the Maharajas of Rajasthan. “Trunks have a history to tell. In the 19th and 20th centuries, they were premium accoutrements of noblemen and Maharajas for their travel, hunting and sporting expeditions. The legacy renders trunks coveted and has been rekindled for contemporary spaces,” says Paritosh Mehta, owner, Trunks Company.

The brand is the first to create luxury trunks in the country with a reflection of Indian heritage. “We handcraft bespoke trunks for our clients to reflect subtle aspects of their personalities. Everything is done as per their convenience,” says Paritosh, while designer Livio Delesgues, adds, “For instance, in a watch trunk, we measure drawers for watch accessories, cufflinks, pens and so on.”

The company offers purpose trunks such as a Safe Trunk, Watch Trunk, Bar Trunk, Cocktail Trunk, Wardrobe and Vanity Trunk along with a host of others. They come in various sizes as well. “Each trunk is a result of 400 man hours by various craftsmen who work on it at different stages. Unlike other contemporary travel gear, the classic design of a trunk recaptures the true vintage spirit and gives a distinctive character,” says Paritosh, while Livio adds, “We had created a trunk to hold a client’s inherited collection of rifles and swords, while another one was crafted for turbans!”

The new trunks are suited for a travel and portable lifestyle. The company is currently working on smaller trunks for gifting and travel. “The conventional bulky trunks are not a feasible travel option anymore. But ours have complete fusion of classic style and contemporary needs. Our audience are those who cherish their belongings with distinctive style. Well-travelled, young and passionate high net-worth individuals are the target clients of the brand,” Paritosh adds.

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