Does style and design factor in while purchasing property finds out Rini Mukkath

With the average income of Indians going up every year it comes as no surprise that we are now demanding world-class amenities within the comfort of our own city. Chennai is now home to many luxury properties, but how far are customers relying on high-end amenities while purchasing property?

“We were looking to move to an independent house and found a luxury villa project to our taste and liking in OMR, it is part of a gated-community but it was in an abandoned stretch. As new parents, we have to factor in proximity of schools, hospitals and also shopping centres for basic needs. It is not enough to have a beautiful house, it should also be convenient,” says Radhika N., a software consultant. While more and more builders are looking to wow customers with beautiful layouts and swimming pools, it has to meet quality standards and consumers won’t settle for anything but the best.

Builders are paying special attention to interiors and design. “I was asked to create 3D-simulations for a Chennai-based builder who wanted to introduce lush green landscapes into the concrete layout of the building. He wanted elevated pools and hanging gardens, with competition on the rise, its important to have an USP for your project and luxury homes are aimed at high-end customers who want more than just four walls,” Erika Daniel, US-based architect.

If you are willing to invest and are looking for a luxurious lifestyle, it is easy to find your home in Chennai. The city is definitely turning out to be a hot place for luxury apartments! “Value-added services along with basic amenities is really what most buyers are looking for”, says Pradeep Kaushal, a real-estate analyst.


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