The brief Sagar Datta received was clear: Create a contemporary and stylish home, one that has a heart like a home and isn’t all façade like a hotel room.

Casa 56, a house located in the heart of South Delhi, was an architectural blend of almost two decades – the 1990s and 2000s. The multi-storey structure houses five bedrooms, a kitchen, a drawing-dining area and a terrace. Other areas include a living space, temple and washrooms. The turnkey renovation, to be carried out over an area of 320 sq. ft, aimed at updating the living areas, kitchen, washrooms and temple.

Datta, the interior designer on the project, reveals that his brief involved converting a “very traditional set-up into a modern one”.

“The drawing room, dining area, bar and living area were all on one level, and we slowly transformed it all into bold spaces tied together with beige and purple,” he says. Datta experimented with the use of tiles - mother of pearl, glossy beige self-motif pieces, rustic ones and Italian marble -- to enhance the factor of elegance.

The furniture was revived too -- L-shaped classic 3-seaters, single chairs and chaises create a gorgeous ambience. Standout Swarovski pieces added an undeniable sparkle.

“For the living area, I took my inspiration from an Egyptian vibe. Rustic tiles and geometric patterns were used amply. The split between the living and drawing area was conceptualised by using two open-display showcase cabinets that diversified and yet did not make the area look congested,” he says.

Datta feels that it’s vital to understand the depth of colours and space, and their significance – adding that he has tried to do that in detail in Casa 56. “I believe that true art is created when you indulge in defining and creating your artwork, ignoring the fear of reactions on completion,” he says.

Location: South Delhi

Beige and purple interiors

Rustic tiles and geometric patterns

Open-display showcase cabinets

Designer: Sagar Datta