Sunshine Boulevard offers you a wide range of designer lights for your home, office or garden

Sunshine Boulevard came into being in 2010 when Namita Agrawal, from the advertising world, started to design her own home. “I looked for something unique and found that there were not many options when it came to lighting. I would find imported lamps that would be priced steeply or something that was cheap and had no style.”

So Namita started this boutique in Koramangala. It’s situated in a lovely old bungalow and the display is designed in such a way that it is brimming with lovely lights. There are lamps in all shapes, sizes and colours. You can pick one for a huge bungalow, a compact home, your dining area, study or even your children’s room. In case you are not bowled over by the choice that this boutique offers you then Namita will get one custom designed for you.

Custom designs too

“The idea is to offer people innovative designs and lighting ideas. We do custom designing too. We work with our designers and can come up with something exclusive for your home and your concept,” she adds.

The boutique has a lovely display of pretty lamps by 10 Indian designers. Some are created by artisans. “The latter work in groups and we collect them during our travels,” explain Namita. Mukul Goyal, Ayesha Thomas, Saleem Bhatri, and Dhoop are some of the designers whose work you will get to buy from here.

There are floor lamps, wall, ceiling, and table lamps. They come in materials like banana fibre, metal, brass, copper, stainless steel and so on and start at Rs. 600 upwards. Then there are also mosaic lamps, stands for tea lights and lamps created with threads and hand-made flowers in bright colours. Then there are lovely ones that come with hanging beads in varied hues.

The boutique also offers you some designer furniture. “But our main focus is on the lighting systems,” says Namita. There are TV stands, book shelves designed like the comic bubbles, book racks that come in the shape of a wooden ladder and so on. “We try and keep the designs and the lines simple and most of them come in straight lines.”

There are also bar accessories that you will take pride in displaying on your shelves and then there are some perfumed candles too that you can pick up.

Namita has dedicated a part of the boutique to exclusive arts and crafts. Called the Bermoik, it’s a platform to promote arts and artists from the North East and the Himalayas. Right now there is a display of carpets from Sikkim and artefacts from Nepal, which are curated by Dolka Densapa. This display will be on for two months, explains Namita.

Sunshine Boulevard is at # 5, 8th Main, Koramangala. It can be contacted on 41309583 or