Buyers can take a virtual look at the detailing that they want and customise their plans with a new technology.

New-age technology can make one go berserk. Would you believe that knowledge and equipment expertise can help one have a virtual look at the model home which is yet to be constructed?

What if you are shown on screen the minutiae of your dream house while you are sitting inside the developer’s office and also shown how the internal changes in design and furniture arrangements would look! Scary or exciting, the new-age technology has it for you. If calculating the EMI for finalising your house is just about the basics, how about a zoom into the floor plan to place your favourite furniture to see how it looks?

All this is made possible by Anup Tapadia, founder TouchMagix Media, prodigy and innovator of next generation interactive systems, who has successfully bridged the gap between art and technology. His interactive systems have been appreciated across the globe and the British Government has awarded him the mantle of “Global Young Creative Entrepreneur” in 2010.

Right time

The background of the real estate scenario seems just the right time for solutions as these to emerge. Feels Tapadia, “With real estate prices skyrocketing, developers are exploring various options to make home buying an engaging exercise wherein buyers get to visualise and explore property yet to be taken up for construction.

Some existing technologies in the market offer concepts that seem rather expensive, but also do not allow buyers to visualise the property, post the desired alterations. High-end developers as Tata Housing think “the need of the hour is to have a technology that can allow buyers to have a 360-degree experience of the house, at the same time enable them to visualise the necessary modifications that they need to make in their dream dwelling.”

Representatives at TouchMagix Media explain that the technology would allow buyers to explore the property with a refined perspective. The motion-and-gesture-based technology creates a virtual experience without any external devices. “It gives a user a panoramic view with an option to view each facet of the property including the amenities.

A highlight of the technology is the futuristic angle it offers: once the buyer selects his home, the environment of the balcony is simulated, facilitating the buyer to have a clear picture of the view from here.”


Called the MagixTable technology, it is a four-foot-long multi-touch device allowing builders to display all their property on a large screen along with floor plans that assist the user to zoom in for a closer look. Being interactive in nature, TouchMagix products facilitates customisation of interiors, allowing the user to move the walls, and try out paints and flooring patterns to understand the mode in which the house would shape up.

The multi-touch can make it easier for users to make customisation convenient. The magic does not end there; the product has an EMI calculator which provides the user the facility of calculating the down payment,” say the representatives.

MagixTable has interactive displays that use motion, gesture and multi-touch. TouchMagix claims to have created unforgettable interactive experiences for millions of users across 40 countries.

It offers and manufactures both technology and equipment to co-relate construction plans on paper.

With a variety of interactive display products as Interactive Floor, Interactive Wall, Multi-Touch MagixKiosk & Table, and MagixFone, the customised solutions are far and many.