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Calculating maintenance charges

Your property-related legal queries answered by S.C. RAGHURAM, Partner, RANK Associates, a Chennai-based law firm »
It is mandatory for all multi-storeyed apartments to have a housing association. Legal Eagle

Change in ownership

I live in a 29-year-old apartment complex comprising 24 apartments. In several cases, the ownership of apartments has changed more than once. There used to be a building association, which later d... »
Domestic sewage are often discharged by tankers into rivers and other water
bodies, creating tremendous pollution.

Sewage FAQs

It’s a smelly affair but it’s high time we paid attention. Here are some frequently asked questions about sewage treatment plants, answered by Kannan Pasupathiraj, environmental engineer and MD, Klaro... »
December 26, 2014

Entering into a joint venture

My father, through a settlement deed, left his four apartments, constructed from his earnings, to four of us (his sons) in 1996. Subsequently, in 2012, we brothers entered into a joint venture (... »
December 19, 2014

It’s fixed: floating rate is the better option

Going by the last few years’ interest rate behaviour many would have easily come to a conclusion that they made a mistake by choosing the floating rate option on their home loans. Such conclusions... »