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I have entered into an agreement with a builder in Mysore for purchase of a penthouse. He says the municipal corporation doesn’t give plan approval for a penthouse, but he will build one for me and get the door number and registration as well.

Please let me know the precautions I must take in keeping my penthouse legal and safe. It will be built within 18 months of agreement.

K.A. Selvaraj

Even if you are getting the door number from the municipal corporation, if the corporation doesn’t give permission to build a penthouse it will be considered an illegal construction. You may face problems in future.

I read the article in The Hindu-HABITAT about A-Khatha and need your help in understanding the issue to get this legal Khatha for the other residents in my apartment.

This is a BDA-approved flat built by Daya MK Developers. Till now we have not got A-Khatha. When we go to BBMP office they say the betterment charges need to be paid by the builder and so we cannot get A-Khatha.

In reality the builder has paid close to Rs. 26 lakh as betterment and development charges and we have the receipt for the same. The builder is not ready to pay the charges again. The BBMP office also told us to get the Occupancy and Commencement certificate from the builder without which A-Khata would not be issued. I'm confused.

Raghu, Joint Secretary, Santara Magan Place 2, Hulimavu

You have to obtain the occupancy letter from the builder and if all fees have been paid as per the requirement you should be able to get the Khata. However, you will have to take up the issue with your builder only.

I have a 2-BHK flat and want to sell it. Please tell me where I can get prospective buyers.

Dr. Sanjay

You can get free listing for your property in any of the online portals. By doing this genuine buyers can contact you directly.

It was interesting to read The Hindu-HABITAT article on Khata. We purchased a piece of land in 2004 but we are still waiting to get the Khata. The problem is that the authorities are not issuing it now.

K. Pandarinath

Yes, there is a delay in issuing Khatas. If all your property papers are clear in terms of conversion and betterment charges paid to BBMP you can get your Khata when BBMP starts issuing them.