Monsoon is the time when we think of extra measures to preserve a wooden laminate flooring.

Wooden flooring isn’t a novelty anymore…it has captured a sizeable market with features that floor those with huge pay packets. When the numbers are there to buy and experiment, the supply too has been in remarkable varieties, all packed with newer features.

Flooring is treated as a building concept these days even as it leads the way and forms the base for several other decors to fall in place.

H. & R. Johnson (India) Ltd. claims that its ‘Lumber wood’ collection can take human traffic with ease, as its range of wooden flooring is sturdy and imported from Germany under its Endura brand.

The officials explain that the collection comes with ‘Silenzio’ sound-proofing technology, and it is “non-abrasive, environmental friendly, colourfast and resistant to stain, impact and house-hold chemicals.”

Pergo India’s ‘Expression Strips’ give a parquet feel, with rustics that are seen in hues like wenge, golden, smoked oak, aged elm and salted lapacho

Their Uniq series has a multi-layer build-up system with armed overlays that help the floor be wear-scratch-impact resistant.

Johnson says its Lumberwood floors are prepared by fixing the décor paper on special HDF core board which is made from natural wood fibre. Lumber is scratch-proof and stain-proof. The colours and textures available are original and not polished and its surface comes with abrasion guarantee, while a swell barrier coreboard introduced newly makes it resistant to ingress of moisture.

While Pergo claims that even the worst of stains can be removed with methylated spirits or acetone which will not bleach the treated laminate, its is said wooden floors are ‘lazy man’s floors’ as they require just brooming and an occasional moist mop.

Although there are tall claims made by most wooden laminate companies, there are certain ‘must-dos’ that are paramount for maintenance, without which the floor can never remain the same for decades, says Gaurav Saraf, Jt. Managing Director, Square Foot.

Basics in place

Windows to be closed overnight if there is a downpour so that we avoid the damage due to water leakages or moisture problems. Although wooden flooring is resistant to dust and stains, it is susceptible to scratches with dirt and rocks trapped on the floor, mats and brushes.

Hence vacuuming and mopping is essential everyday.

Do not use harsh chemical detergents for removing the stains. One can make cleansing agents at home by mixing some vinegar with water for removing stains.