Purchase and sale of property in Mysore will require a Property Card by way of Form 13, which will be the only legally tenable document authenticating ownership

The Property Card rule will come into effect from April 1, 2011. No transaction in property will be allowed without the card in Mysore city and 42 villages coming under the jurisdiction of the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) and the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) limits spread over 180 sq. km. Nanjangud, though under MUDA jurisdiction, has been excluded from this for the present.

The Property Card or Form 13 will be issued under the ongoing Urban Property Ownership Records (UPOR) project that is being implemented in Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore, Bellary and Shimoga on a pilot basis. In all, 2.7 lakh property are being surveyed and their owners should submit all relevant documents including the sale deed, khatha, property tax receipts etc. as proof of ownership.

In case the documents have been pledged and the property mortgaged for loan, copies of relevant documents along with a certificate from the lending financial institution testifying that the original documents have been pledged, should be submitted. The authorities will instruct the Sub-Registrars in Mysore not to register a property in case the card or Form 13 is not produced. The Government is contemplating to issue a G.O. making the card mandatory for all registrations, land-related transactions and home loans. The sub-registrars have to ensure that the card is produced by the citizens for registration of property.

Only phase-wise

However, officials have clarified that the embargo on transactions without Form 13 will not be introduced across the city at once but in a phase-wise manner as the UPOR project has to survey and cover nearly 2.75 lakh property in Mysore.

Underlining the benefits of UPOR, the authorities pointed out that the survey of each property is conducted incorporating GPS technology and being highly accurate, each property would be identified by coordinates. The card will have all reference points within the vicinity and help identify encroachments.

After the measuring and mapping of all the property, a spatial and non-spatial data is created and the ownership of the property will be decided by the enquiry officer of the Department of Survey Settlements and Land Records.

PPP model

The project is being implemented under PPP model in association with Secon Pvt. Ltd. which was selected by a national-level tender process. A total of 42 village maps have been digitised and out of nearly 2.75 lakh property, more than 1.87 lakh have been measured and the mapping work has been completed. The database has been created using MCC khata details, MUDA allotment details, existing city survey details, alienation and Government land details. A specially developed software is being used to generate exception reports to aid in the ownership confirmation.

In case ownership details are insufficient, encumbrance details and certificate is expected to throw light on the ownership and even revenue layouts are being covered under the scheme. The authorities have clarified that this is not a “one-off” drive to create database and as and when new layouts are created and the city expands, the survey and mapping will be taken up to issue Form 13. This is akin to RTC in rural areas which is the only legally tenable document to ascertain ownership of farmland. Though the public assumes that the khatha issued by the MCC is an ownership document, it is not so; it is an instrument to collect tax. Form 13 will be the valid document.

Be sure of details

The draft property records will be published once the database has been created and the property owners should watch out for it and file objections in case they find any discrepancy. Once finalised, the only recourse to correct the anomaly will be through a legal process.

There are cases where the property owners are in Bangalore or other cities and the sites are vacant. Hence the owners should get in touch with the Revenue Department with relevant property documents to secure Form 13. For details and submission of records etc. contact the Department of Survey Settlements and Land Records, Room No.22, Officer of the Deputy Commissioner, Mysore, or Town Planning Office, near Old Taluk Office, Nazarbad, or Taluk Office, opposite Premier Studios, Hunsur Road, Mysore.